Highway 407 tolls to increase beginning Feb. 1

Beginning Feb. 1, drivers who use Highway 407 will notice a toll increase. . Photo by Tibor Kolley

Drivers who use Highway 407 Express Toll Route (ETR) are going to notice an increase in price beginning Feb. 1.

According to the highway’s 2019 rate chart, travelling costs in all zones have increased since last year, some by as much as 14 per cent, depending on when and where you are driving.

Drivers commuting eastbound in Zone 3, between Highway 427 and Highway 404, during the “peak hours” of 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., will see the highest fees.

Beginning Friday, it will cost drivers 57.6 cents per kilometre, up from the 50.6 cents per kilometre it cost to drive this stretch prior to Feb. 1.

In addition to toll charges, the camera charge for customers without a transponder will now be $4.20 and the annual transponder lease fee will be $24.50.

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According to a news release, the increases come after a year of “major investment” for Highway 407 ETR.

In 2018, a new lane was added in each direction at the east end of the roadway, new bridge structures were added,  many kilometres of existing asphalt and concrete lanes were resurfaced and the company completed a multi-year project to update its roadside technology.

The release says the price increases help ensure the highway remains “safe and free flowing for the tens of thousands of Ontario families and businesses who rely on it every day.”

And while several fees will be increasing, some will remain the same.

The monthly fee to lease a transponder will remain at $3.95, the price for a monthly video account will stay at $3.95 and the trip toll charge for light vehicles will still cost $1 after Feb. 1.

More information including the new 2019 rate chart can be found on the 407 ETR website.

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