Tony Antonias, writer of Woodward’s $1.49 Day jingle, dies at 89

He worked at CKNW for 40 years and wrote the famous Woodward’s $1.49 Day jingle.

Tony Antonias has died at the age of 89.

He wrote the catchy tune in 1958, while working as CKNW’s creative director.

It played on the airwaves for decades until the department store closed in 1993.

Longtime colleague and friend George Garrett said Antonias wrote the song he had no idea it would blow up the way it did.

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“Tony came up with the idea of a simple jingle, a whistle and a little tune that said ‘$1.49 Day, Woodward’s, Tuesday.’ It drew a lot of business, Woodward’s did very very well with it.”

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But Antonias did not. According to Garrett, he made slim pickings.

However, Garrett says it didn’t matter to Antonias, who spent most of his career working for CKNW.

“Tony was a guy who wanted perfection in almost everything, he was dedicated to his work, he was a very good copywriter and copy chief for CKNW for many years and he had a passion for classical music and had a passion for cars that were classic.”

The tune celebrated its 60th anniversary last year.

Antonias had just turned 89.

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