B.C. mom who smothered daughter didn’t perceive reality of what she was doing: Defence

Click to play video: 'Defence argues Lisa Batstone ‘didn’t perceive reality’ when she killed her daughter' Defence argues Lisa Batstone ‘didn’t perceive reality’ when she killed her daughter
WATCH: Defence argues Lisa Batstone 'didn't perceive reality' when she killed her daughter – Jan 22, 2019

She didn’t perceive the actual reality that she was ending her daughter’s life.

That’s the argument lawyers presented Tuesday in Lisa Batstone’s defence. She stands accused of killing her daughter, Teagan four years ago.

The eight-year-old girl died after she was smothered to death with a plastic bag in December, 2014.

According to the defence lawyer, it’s believed her mother placed Teagan’s body in the back of a vehicle in an attempt to buy time with her daughter’s body.

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But when the vehicle Batstone was driving somehow ended up in a ditch, she knocked on a stranger’s door and asked for them to call police. Batstone was arrested at the scene.

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Court has already heard an audio and video recording as the girl’s mother said she wanted Teagan to “be with Jesus.” Batstone has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

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While Batstone was found fit to stand trial, defence says there is evidence calling her mental state into question, along with whether Batstone truly understood what she was doing was morally wrong.

Forensic psychologists have testified her behaviour exhibits traits of depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder.

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A perceived falling-out with her church at the time also created a stressor, one amplified in Batstone’s mind, defence said.

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Defence is calling for Batstone to face a lesser charge of manslaughter.

However, Crown counsel argued when Batstone smothered her daughter, she did it clearly and for a reason.

Counsel argued that Batstone left the room where her daughter was sleeping, found a plastic bag and smothered the child as she slept.

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Specifically, Batstone said she did this while the child was sleeping because she didn’t want her to suffer.

Quotes from the audio and video recordings were also read aloud by Crown counsel, which they say points to intent.

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“I just wanted both her and I to be gone and both be in heaven,” Crown read, quoting Batstone.

“Teagan deserves better and I was afraid she’d have my brain and he would abuse her like he abused me,” was another quote, as Batstone referred to her ex-husband, Gabe Batstone.

The two had a difficult relationship, but shared custody of the young girl.

Lisa Batstone waved to friends and church members in the gallery as she entered the courtroom Tuesday. At times as Crown counsel spoke, she held her head down and rocked gently from side to side.

Crown continues closing arguments on Wednesday.

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