Video appears to show Canada Post worker leaving slip without attempting to deliver package

Click to play video: 'Canada Post worker appears on video to make no attempt to deliver package' Canada Post worker appears on video to make no attempt to deliver package
A video uploaded to YouTube appears to show a Canada Post worker not making an attempt to deliver a package to a Georgina resident – Jan 16, 2019

A video uploaded to YouTube appears to show a Canada Post worker visiting a Georgina, Ont., home to leave a delivery slip without attempting to deliver the parcel.

In the video, a Canada Post truck could be seen pulling up in front of the property Monday afternoon. After about a minute, the postal worker exited the vehicle without a package. Instead, the worker can be seen running up to the house holding a delivery slip.

The poster of the video, who only wanted to be identified as Chris, told Global News his wife was home when she saw the employee walking up to their place. By the time she got to the door, he was already leaving without so much as a knock.

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Chris’s wife could be heard in the video confronting the worker saying, “Hello? You didn’t even knock on the door.”

The postal worker, who appeared to already be by his truck responded, “I didn’t know if anyone was home. I’ll bring the package.”

The delivery man grabbed the parcel from the truck and walked it up to the house, adding, “There’s usually nobody home, that’s why.” While the woman appeared to sign for the package, he could be heard saying that her being home helped him as it means he won’t have to come back.

Chris said he posted the video later that evening with the original intention of it only being for Canada Post. He notified the corporation, who advised him they would investigate. However, he said he has yet to hear back.

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Chris said this situation has happened to him on numerous occasions, but was only able to capture it on video this time because he recently installed security cameras.

When contacted by Global News, Canada Post said in a statement what happened shouldn’t have occurred.

“While the customer received their parcel, it should have been delivered at the time the employee arrived at the address,” the statement said.

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“We have followed up with the employee and don’t anticipate further issues.”


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