Edmonton wildlife rescue seeks bigger pool for growing beaver

Click to play video 'Sawyer the beaver needs a new pool' Sawyer the beaver needs a new pool
WATCH ABOVE: WILDNorth animal rescue is looking for a new pool for its resident beaver Sawyer – Jan 11, 2019

An Edmonton-based wildlife rescue is looking to the community for help finding a new pool for its resident beaver, Sawyer.

WILDNorth animal hospital has been caring for the seven or eight-month-old beaver since it was found on the side of the road near Wetaskawin in September. But now, the rodent has outgrown its current pool.

“We’re looking for a pool that’s about four feet across and round,” said Carly Stenhouse, the wildlife education manager at WILDNorth.

“That’s going to make a huge difference…for Sawyer’s enrichment, just to have a nice big pool to swim around in.”

A larger pool would also make it easier for the staff at the centre to clean Sawyer’s habitat. The pool would also need to be metal, as any other material would be easily chewed by the beaver.

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“The pool would have to be at least a couple feet deep so Sawyer could dive down and come back up again safely,” said Stenhouse. “We’re searching for somebody who can donate something like that to us, or give it to us for a good price since we are a non-profit charity.”

A large metal trough would also be suitable for Sawyer, with the centre ready to modify potential donations if needed to suit the beaver’s needs.

When Sawyer was first rescued, the animal had lost the use of its hind legs, and was alone. The hospital was able to rehabilitate Sawyer and will now care for him until he reaches maturity.

“[Beavers] stay with their families for two years total, until they’re independent enough,” said Stenhouse. “We’re raising Sawyer in a way that [he] will be able to get released at the end.”

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WILDNorth hopes to find an ideal wetland habitat to release Sawyer into when the time comes.

Sawyer the beaver has outgrown its enclosure.
Sawyer the beaver has outgrown its enclosure. Global News
Sawyer the beaver enjoys some wood.
Sawyer the beaver enjoys some wood. Global News
Sawyer the beaver plays with a ball.
Sawyer the beaver plays with a ball. Global News

If you’d like to help Sawyer, you can contact the centre at 780-914-4118. You can also sponsor Sawyer’s care on the WILDNorth website.