Councillor wants Saskatoon city council to revisit organics program

Coun. Randy Donauer, who originally voted in favour of a city-wide organics collection program, wants Saskatoon city council to take a second look at it. Tyler Schroeder / Global News

A Saskatoon city councillor wants council to take another look at the city’s organics program.

Council approved a city-wide curbside organics collection program by a 7-4 vote in October 2018.

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Funding for the program is through property taxes.

Coun. Randy Donauer originally voted in favour of the program, but has since had second thoughts.

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He is now worried the city is moving too fast in implementing a mandatory organics program and wants council to consider a pilot program before the full roll-out.

“I don’t think we got feedback on how much people are willing to pay,” Donauer said.

“My concern is that if we keep pushing with the current program as fast as we are, we’re going to get significant sticker shock and get a lot of push back from people, and I am already sensing that already.”

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Donauer wants council to also consider allowing the private sector to step in with services to collect and process organic waste instead of the city.

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