More Alberta shoppers searching for Boxing Day deals online

A new survey from RetailMeNot shows more than half of Canadian shoppers think the best Boxing Day deals are found online. Michael King reports.

Big ticket items like TVs, laptops, and vacuums flew off Calgary shelves Boxing Day, even as Canadians do more of their shopping online.

A recent survey from RetailMeNot showed that while Canadians still think Boxing Day offers some of the best deals of the year, fewer shoppers are willing to drive to the mall.

The online survey polled 1,510 Canadian shoppers and the results were weighted to match Canadian demographics.

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Fifty-five per cent of shoppers responding to the survey said the best Boxing Day deals can be found online rather than at brick and mortar stores. That results in 74 per cent of Canadians avoiding malls during Boxing week.

Despite the numbers, Calgarians showed up to big-box retailers in droves on Wednesday.

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Shoppers like Jordon Gaede was in search of a TV and sound system.

“I just like the environment of coming out and meeting people seeing everything,” Gaede said. “You might see something that you wouldn’t see online.”

Online sales aren’t the only competition for Boxing Day. The study also showed the post-Christmas tradition just barely edges out other big sales days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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Andrew Lowes, a Best Buy general manager, said despite the popularity of the American sales days, Boxing Day still remains the most profitable day for Canadian retailers.

“This is still the single most important day for us,” Lowes said. “Both days are huge but Boxing Day is still our biggest day.”

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The study also showed that one in 10 parents would stand in line for two hours or more for a deal and that one in five Canadian millennial parents has called in sick to work in order to shop during Boxing Week.

RetailMeNot is an online coupon site that focuses on retail discounts for shoppers.

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