Armstrong teen’s scheduling app widely adopted by classmates

Click to play video: 'Okanagan teen’s scheduling app gaining momentum' Okanagan teen’s scheduling app gaining momentum
Watch: Grade 11 student Aidan Eglin created a scheduling app that's becoming popular at his high school and will be part of a school district pilot project – Dec 21, 2018

An app an Armstrong, B.C. teenager created to stave off summer vacation boredom is getting a lot of attention at his high school.

Aidan Eglin, a Grade 11 student at Pleasant Valley Secondary School, created the scheduling app, called Schooler, when be was bored during summer break.

Now many of his fellow classmates are using the program on their cell phones and the app is about to be part of a school district pilot project.

Eglin said he came up with the idea after struggling to keep his own schedule straight.

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“I’ve had issues with my own schedule. I’ve had issues getting to class on time or showing up in the wrong place and I didn’t like carrying around that piece of paper at the front of my binder with the schedule on it all the time. So, over the summer, I built an app to do that for me,” Eglin said.

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“It has worked fine for me. I’ve not shown up in the wrong place anymore and more than half the school has downloaded it now, as well, so clearly it is working.”

His school doesn’t have the most straight forward schedule.

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“We don’t do Monday to Friday. We do day 1 to 5 where the day changes depending on if there were any [professional development] days or anything,” Eglin explained.

The app helps students keep that straight but also includes other functions like a calendar and the ability to share notes with classmates.

This week Eglin got permission from the school board for a pilot project at his school.

During the trial the district will share student scheduling data with the app allowing students to log in and have their schedule show up automatically, instead of having to enter it manually.

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The school district’s computer technician, who is working with Eglin on the pilot project said watching the teen grow and develop the app project has been a career highlight.

Right now Eglin isn’t making any money off his app but that might change if the school district decides to adopt it more widely

“I did not expect it to get this popular, I’m very happy with how it has turned out so far,” Eglin said.

“I’ve put a lot of work into it, about 400 hours into the app itself.”

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The teen is hoping the app is just the start of a career in software engineering.

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