Unreleased songs from Luke Combs going viral

Photo credit: Chelsey Jensen / Corus Radio

For those of us that are huge Luke Combs fans, we all know he can put on one heck of a show. So it came as no surprise, when he blew us all away at his recent show in Edmonton and Calgary. But, what was a surprise was when he played two unreleased songs to the audience at two of his concerts this month alone. He did this at a show previously in October as well! Videos of the unreleased songs were recently posted on YouTube by fans who attended the shows.

‘As a huge Luke Combs fan myself… this makes me so excited because I have already listened to his most recent album, all of his previous singles as well as his cover songs over and over again. The man has some serious talent.

So naturally when you hear his brand new songs – that haven’t even been released yet – you’re going to get pretty darn excited.

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Luke Combs- Beer Never Broke My Heart (unreleased)

MADISON, WI | Luke Combs acoustic performance of new song, “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”


Luke Combs- Goin’ Nowhere (unreleased)


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Luke Combs- Dear Today (unreleased)

This is a brand new (unreleased) song by Luke Combs. He played this in Wichita Kansas at an acoustic show December 7th 2018.


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Luke Combs- Reasons (unreleased)


The craziest part about all of this is that, for those of you that don’t know, Luke Combs started his career out on the app called Vine. Here is a comment a fan made on the video Reasons just above…

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One of our three Corus Radio country stations, CISN Country 103.9 in Edmonton AB, was very fortunate to have Luke Combs on their Sound Stage to do an exclusive performance for a group of listeners and staff before heading to the Ranch Roadhouse for his show.

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