Quebec police increase roadblocks for the holiday season

Police in Quebec have started their annual holiday roadblock blitz, with members of 32 police forces looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

There are 2,900 roadblocks in place across the province.

Last year, police stopped 55,000 cars between the end of November and beginning of January. A total of 1,500 were arrested and charged with impaired driving.

“There were 24 deaths last year,” said Capt. Paul Leduc from the Sûreté du Québec.

Police are also reminding drivers that they have a slew of options to chose from, instead of getting behind the wheel inebriated. Drivers can opt for Nez Rouge, Uber, Taxi or taking public transit.

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“Don’t take the risk, you could end up arrested or in an accident,” said traffic control spokesperson Marie-Josée Michaud.

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If your plan is to take a taxi or the bus, you should know that those drivers are also being closely monitored during the roadblock blitz.

“Bus and taxis cannot take any, zero milligrams is their legal limit,” said Michaud.

Marijuana is now legal across Canada and police are reminding motorists they are looking out for drivers under any kind of influence.

“If you want to smoke, go ahead just plan your trips,” said Leduc.

The holiday roadblock blitz runs from Nov. 29 until Jan. 3.

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