Ontario PC convention day two: Scheer speech and controversial resolutions

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, left, is joined on stage by Ontario Premier Doug Ford after addressing the Ontario PC Convention in Toronto on Saturday, November 17, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

See a blog from the convention from Global News Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Travis Dhanraj by scrolling down below the article.

The second day of the Ontario PC convention saw a speech from federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and decisions on controversial resolutions.

A resolution to not recognize gender identity was introduced by controversial former Ontario PC candidate Tanya Granic Allen and was passed by the party Saturday morning.

The resolution calls gender identity “a highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology’” and says that a PC government should remove the teaching of gender theory in schools.

It means the party will now debate its policy on gender identity recognition at the next Ontario PC convention.

The resolution drew immediate criticism from the NDP, with Toronto-Centre MPP Suze Morrison tweeting, “Ontario PCs have shown us where they really stand on human rights, once again.”

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The PCs also rejected a resolution to reform auto insurance “to make it more affordable while maintaining benefit levels.”

NDP auto insurance critic Gurratan Singh criticized the move.

“No one voted for a government to take the side of insurance companies over everyday Ontarians,” Singh said.

Party resolutions are not binding, but are a signal of the intentions of the party.

Not long after the resolutions were passed, federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer spoke at the convention.

Scheer did not address the passing of the resolutions, but applauded the Ontario PC’s election win.

“You can tell that this is a party that is excited to get to work undoing the terrible damage from the last 15 years,” Scheer said. “Premier Ford and the entire team have given a voice to so many people who have been left behind by the McGuinty and Wynne Liberals.”

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Scheer is also scheduled to meet with Premier Doug Ford for a chat Saturday evening.

The convention began Friday, November 16 and runs throughout the weekend at the Toronto Congress Centre.

This is the first convention in 15 years to be held by the Ontario PCs while the party is in power.

Premier Ford gave a speech at the convention Friday evening, which mainly consisted of congratulating the party for its election win and the legislation it passed since coming to power.

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“We overcame 15 years of Liberal scandals, 15 years of mismanagement and waste. And together, we beat the NDP,” Ford said. “And since June, we have hit the ground running.”

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The convention follows a tumultuous week for the party, which included the release of former PC leader Patrick Brown’s tell-all book.

Among the controversies released in the book are allegations of sexual misconduct against Finance Minister Vic Fedeli.

Fedeli denied the accusations during the week, saying, “Any accusation or insinuation to the contrary is false and malicious.”

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‘We’ve got the right man to do the job’: Ford lauds Finance Minister Vic Fedeli

Saturday is the last day the PC convention is open to the media.

On Sunday, only people who bought tickets will be allowed in, which is an uncommon move for a political convention.


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