Daughter of woman pushed in front of CTrain speaks about life-changing injuries: ‘She is a fighter’

WATCH: The daughter of the woman pushed from a CTrain platform earlier this week says her mom will never walk again. Michael King reports.

The family of the woman pushed off a CTrain platform onto the tracks earlier this week is speaking out about her life-altering injuries.

On Thursday, police charged a 35-year-old woman with attempted murder after Rozalia Meichl, 64, was pushed in front of a train arriving at the Victoria Park/Stampede station in Calgary.

Police said the train was able to stop in time, but the attack was random and the injuries are life-changing. Meichl was at an assisted living facility prior to the incident and will now need more care.

Meichl’s family confirmed she suffered a severed spine and will not walk again, adding that she’ll remain in hospital for at least four months and will require full-time help after that.

“My mother is now 100 per cent paraplegic,” said Charmaine Newman. “She will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She has no feeling below her chest area and she will require help around the clock.”

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“I cried the whole way here thinking I was going to bury my mother Thursday.”

Newman was at the Foothills Medical Centre ICU on Saturday and said her mother is in stable, non-life-threatening condition.

“She is a fighter,” she said of the recovery process.

“This woman will walk miles and miles and miles for a cause she believes in,” Newman added, citing her mom’s participation in breast cancer walks.

“She will give you the shirt off her back. She just loves life.”

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The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with recovery costs, including rehabilitation, medical bills and long-term care.

“I want justice for my mom, for sure,” Newman said. “My mom wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“This person was released,” she added. “She’s got an extensive history. Why was she allowed to be out to harm an innocent, elderly, disabled bystander?”

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