Hamilton Police investigating report of fake officer

Hamilton police are investigating an incident involving a fake officer, who pulled over a woman on Scenic Drive. Andrew Collins / Special to Global News

Hamilton Police are investigating a report of a fake officer.

Victoria Parsons posted her story on Facebook, claiming she was driving alone on Scenic Drive last Thursday night, when a car approached her from behind, beeping its horn and flashing its headlights.

She noticed there was also a flashing red light on the dash of the car, so she pulled over.

Then, the 20-year-old student claims a man wearing a baseball cap, a black leather jacket and dark pants told her, “Get out of the car.”

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However, she knew something was wrong and says when she began to roll up her window, the man put his hand on it to stop her, so she put the car in drive and drove away as fast as she could.

Police say the normal procedure following a traffic stop is to ask for a driver’s licence and insurance.

If other drivers are ever in a similar situation, they’re being told to keep their doors locked and call 911 to verify if the person is actually a police officer.

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