Lethbridge Public Library restarts Donuts With Dad program

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Lethbridge Public Library restarts Donuts With Dad program
WATCH ABOVE: Reading can be a treat, and the Lethbridge Public Library is raising the stakes by offering some sweet pastries to go along with those stories. Kyle Benning has more on the program that promotes family reading – Oct 29, 2018

Steve Christensen’s daughters Royal and Brighton love hearing their dad read a story.

Visiting the public library for Donuts With Dad over the weekend, then, sounded like a sweet idea.

“Every Saturday, me and my girls, we try to find something to do,” Christensen said. “They love reading, they love donuts, so it was almost a no-brainer. But it’s just such a fun thing to come to the library. I mean how often do you get to come to the library? It’s kind of like a nice little break.”

He said the family enjoys all kinds of books, and a trip to the library isn’t something out of the ordinary.

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“Usually we’ll go to the library on the west side and we have a big bin,” he said. “We fill it with books and we’ll read books for the next few weeks until we’re done. (Then) go back, get a bunch more and just keep that process (going).”

Organizers noted the program has grown in popularity, starting off with five dozen boxes of pastries when it started several years ago.

It is now up to 14.

Lethbridge Public Library said it started Donuts With Dad after noticing a need in the community for programs focusing on getting fathers more involved with their children.

“It’s just such a simple activity. It creates a lot more self-confidence, especially for new fathers who don’t have a lot of experience potentially with babies. It’s a simple, easy activity, and of course it is excellent for brain development and early language, as well,” said library technician Laurie Darveau-Willms.

A study out of the U.K. found kids with engaged dads have better cognitive abilities and fewer psychological problems.

Christensen said it’s important for him to bond with his daughters while giving them an opportunity to learn.

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The library said the program takes place once a month at the main branch and is open for all caregivers.

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