Stephen Colbert reveals ‘sketch’ of U.S. serial bomber, criticizes Trump’s response

Stephen Colbert reveals first police sketch of the serial bomber on the Late Show
WATCH: Stephen Colbert reveals first police sketch of the serial bomber on the 'Late Show.'

Stephen Colbert has criticized U.S President Donald Trump’s response to the packages containing pipe bombs that were sent to Democratic figures and Trump critics including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN’s New York Bureau, Joe Biden and Robert De Niro.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host said: “A serial bomber is sending explosive devices to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, major Democratic donor George Soros, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rep. Maxine Waters and CNN.”

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“Authorities don’t have a suspect yet but based on the intended targets they have released this sketch,” Colbert said, while revealing a fake sketch showing a man in a hoodie, sunglasses and a Make America Great Again hat.

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The host mentioned U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence’s tweet responding to the pipe bombs and condemning the attempted attacks as  “cowardly and despicable.”

Trump initially responded by retweeting Pence and adding, “I agree wholeheartedly.”

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“First of all, we fact-checked that one and it doesn’t work out. You have no whole heart,” Colbert said. “And second, you’re the president. There’s been an attempted attack on two previous presidents today. This is the one time you can’t think of your own tweet? It reminds me of Lincoln’s first draft of the Gettysburg Address: ‘What that first guy said.’”

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Watch Colbert reveal the sketch in the video above.

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