No access to cannabis frustrates Kelowna advocate

Bob Kay is in a good mood today on this, legalization day.

Kay was the first to open a dispensary in Kelowna, but it admits it’s a bit of a downer seeing that he can’t legally sell cannabis in Kelowna.

“The excitement of being legal today — using cannabis — is something I’ve working towards forever and now the day is here and people still can’t access (it),” said Kay.

WATCH BELOW:  Three cannabis retail shops opened in Medicine Hat on Wednesday morning.

Medicine Hat opens 3 legal cannabis stores on historic day
Medicine Hat opens 3 legal cannabis stores on historic day

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The only way to legally purchase cannabis is to travel to Kamloops, which currently has the only legal dispensary in B.C., or order online.

Kay has since shut down his dispensary by court order from the City of Kelowna. The last dispensary to hold out was one just up the road from Kay’s storefront. Despite being ordered to shut down, it refused, up until yesterday, when it closed its doors.

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“I’m really stoked on the four plant rule,” said Thomas Patterson of Better Than Nature. “I think everyone should have four plants in their basement today.”

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Patterson is also in a good mood today because of legalization. He works at a shop that supplies equipment needed to grow marijuana and other things. However, he says limitations, such as only a person can only carry 30 grams of cannabis, are overboard.

“Thirty grams will fit in one small bag,” said Patterson. “And they’re trying to tell me that is now illegal to carry 31 grams, not 30 — anywhere outside of my residence.”

So, when will the first dispensaries be opening in Kelowna? The city has said time and time again it won’t be until mid-next year. And with the door open for applications, one would think the city would be flooded them. The city, though, says it has yet to receive a single one. However, it says it expects the pace to pick up as the November 30th deadline approaches.

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