Timmins election results 2018

​Timmins’ youngest ever elected mayor wants to do it all again for another four-year term.

Steve Black was first elected to Timmins City Council in 2010 and won the mayoralty with almost 65 per cent of the vote in 2014. With four challengers for mayor on the ballot – including well-known mining executive George Pirie – will he pull it off again?

On council, all the incumbents in Timmins’ five wards are running again.

In the northern Ontario city, it’s one councillor per ward except in Ward 5 – which covers the city’s centre – where there are four councillors. Eight candidates are challenging the four sitting councillors in Ward 5, for a total of 12 candidates in that ward.



Steve Black (incumbent)

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Daniel Fortier

George Pirie

Raymond Burey

Lauchlan MacInnes

Councillor (8 to be elected)

Ward 1 (one councillor to be elected):

  • Veronica Farrell (incumbent)​
  • Ken Pye
  • Rock Whissell

Ward 2 (one councillor to be elected):

  • Mickey Auger
  • Jean Fex
  • Lorne Feldman
  • ​Walter Wawrzaszek (incumbent)​

Ward 3 (one councillor to be elected):

  • Joe Campbell (incumbent)
  • Donna Dorrington
  • ​Carter Lucyk

Ward 4 (one councillor to be elected):

  • ​John Patrick Curley
  • Pat Bamford (incumbent)
  • Jessica Trudel
  • David Gerald Shale

Ward 5 (four councillors to be elected):

  • Alex Szczebonski
  • Cory Robin
  • Jason Sereda
  • John Ivanovs
  • Jean (John) Roy
  • Andrew Marks (incumbent)
  • Rick Dubeau (incumbent)
  • Noella Rinaldo (incumbent)
  • Michelle Boileau
  • Kristin Murray
  • Michael “JJ” Doody (incumbent)
  • Karina Miki Douglas-Takayesu

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