Gravenhurst election results 2018

UPDATE: The Town of Gravenhurst’s municipal voting period has been extended to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

Another acclaimed mayor in rural Ontario as former district councilor Paul Kelly takes up the mantle after Paisley Donaldson opted not to run for re-election. The town of Gravenhurst is governed by both a district and municipal government with three positions on the district of Muskoka council. The municipal council has five wards with one having an acclaimed candidate. Four candidates are running for three positions at district council and a total of 10 candidates are running for five positions on municipal council.



Paul Kelly (acclaimed)

District Councillor (3 to be elected)

John Gordon
Randy Jorgensen
Sandy Cairns (Incumbent)
Heidi Lorenz

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Councillor (5 to be elected)

Ward 1: 

Gordie Merton
Penny Varney
Murray McKeown

Ward 2: 

Erin Eiter (Incumbent)
Jo Morphy

Ward 3:

Steven Klinck (acclaimed)

Ward 4:

Marc Mantha
Terry Pilger

Ward 5:

Graeme Murray
Audrey van Petegem