Vancouver mother opens pot website specifically designed for women

The final touches on Kelowna's selection criteria for recreational marijuana dispensaries are done. Global News

With the legalization of marijuana scheduled to come into effect on Oct. 17, a Vancouver mom has created an online cannabis guide aimed at women.

“[It’s for] people who are new to the industry, haven’t used cannabis before, don’t know what to do, so I am teaching them how,” said Shannon Chiarenza of Weed Mama.

Chiarenza says she wants to dispel the stigma many feel about using pot and show it as an alternative to a glass of wine.

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“I think women look down on women, especially moms, who use something like that because it’s this idea that it’s a drug and that it’s illegal and that they have this whole stoner mentality.”

Chiarenza says with legalization, people will no longer be limited to what she calls “mystery weed” from a dealer.

She plans on reviewing the different types of pot to help people choose the best cannabis for them.

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