Bill Kelly: Why don’t millennials vote?

A City of Toronto voting location sign.
A City of Toronto voting location sign. Nick Westoll / File / Global News

For those of us left scratching our heads at the results of recent elections on both sides of the border, a quick analysis of who actually votes offers some valuable insight into the results.

In the 60+ age demographic, almost 90 per cent of eligible voters cast their ballots, but, at the other end of the scale, only 25 per cent of millennials took the time to vote.

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That begs the obvious question: why don’t millennials vote?

This is the generation of innovators and entrepreneurs who eschew the status quo, who embrace change and new ideas, but apparently, that pioneering spirit doesn’t extend to shaping the political future of our country.

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Movement to get millennials to vote

Political parties, hungry for votes at election time, are certainly aware of this voting pattern, and will craft their platforms to appeal to those who they know are going to vote, which is why issues like public transit, or daycare or environmental sustainability get little or no attention during election campaigns.

Millennials who want more livable communities for their future are never going to see that happen as long as 75 per cent of them choose not to get involved in the political process.

That energetic 18-25 demographic didn’t just wait for change to happen, they became the change.

The future belongs to them; they need to take ownership of shaping that future now.

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Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML