Vancity rules out hack, still not sure what’s behind online banking outage

Vancity's core and online banking system has been down since Wednesday night.
Vancity's core and online banking system has been down since Wednesday night. File Photo

Vancity credit union says it still doesn’t know what is behind an outage of online banking services.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the company acknowledged the service had been out of operation since about midnight on Wednesday.

President and CEO Tamara Vrooman apologized to customers, and said the company has ruled out any kind of privacy hack or security breach.

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But she said technicians still aren’t sure exactly what the problem is.

“That has been the difficulty and why it has taken us so long, and frankly longer than what is acceptable and longer than what we would like,” she said.

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“We have committed all of our resources to work through the technical issues and to get the system up and running as soon as possible.”

In addition to online banking, the service disruption is also affecting Vancity’s mobile app.

“We know we live in a digital and technology age and we know that our services rely on our system to do their banking, I rely on this system to do my banking.”

Vrooman said Vancity branches are still open, but are limited in what transactions they can do. The company is also extending the hours of branch service during the outage.

ATM, Vancity Visa, and point of sales transactions are still working.