With a trade deal negotiated, Trudeau thanks many people — but not Donald Trump

Click to play video: 'Trudeau thanks Freeland, Mexico’s Nieto over USMCA deal'
Trudeau thanks Freeland, Mexico’s Nieto over USMCA deal
ABOVE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanked a long list of people over the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – Oct 1, 2018

One person was conspicuous by his absence when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doled out thanks to parties who were involved in the negotiations of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) on Monday.

That person was none other than U.S. President Donald Trump.

At a press conference on Monday alongside Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, Trudeau thanked her, as well as Canada’s premiers, former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, NAFTA negotiator Steve Verheul, Canadian ambassador to the U.S. David MacNaughton and U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

Trump was nowhere to be heard.

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Click to play video: 'Trump ‘thrilled’ to announce new NAFTA deal, known as USMCA'
Trump ‘thrilled’ to announce new NAFTA deal, known as USMCA

The omission was notable after a lengthy spell of negotiations that has seen tensions grow between Canada and the U.S.

Trudeau and Trump entered into a war of words that began in May, after Trump imposed tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel.

Canada retaliated with tariffs targeting approximately $16.6 billion in goods.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump (L) and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (R) shake hands during the Welcome Ceremony at the G7 summit in Charlevoix, Canada, 08 June 2018. EPA/NEIL HALL / POOL via AP

The rhetoric between them ratcheted up throughout June, with Trump taking aim at Canadian tariffs on dairy that he said were “killing” American agriculture.

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Trudeau, meanwhile, said he was “disappointed” that Trump had imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

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At a separate press conference on Monday, Trump admitted there were tensions between himself and the prime minister — even as he previously said America’s relationship with Canada and G7 countries was “10 out of 10” — and said whatever came between them did not affect the ability to complete this deal.

“He’s a professional, I’m a professional,” Trump said.

“We had very strong tensions, it was just an unfair deal whether it was Mexico or Canada, and now it’s a fair deal for everybody. It’s a much different deal, it’s a brand new deal, it’s not NAFTA redone, it’s a brand new deal.”

WATCH: Trump thanks Mexico’s Nieto, Justin Trudeau over USMCA deal

Click to play video: 'Trump thanks Mexico’s Nieto, Justin Trudeau over USMCA deal'
Trump thanks Mexico’s Nieto, Justin Trudeau over USMCA deal

Trump went on to say that he had just spoken with Trudeau, that the pair have a “great relationship,” and that they were going to work as “partners.”

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The U.S. president said his tensions with Trudeau ended “at about 12 o’clock last night.”

“He’s a good man, he’s done a good job and he loves the people of Canada,” Trump said.

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