‘We all need to do a better job’: CAA on dangerous driving near Winnipeg schools

CAA Manitoba and the Winnipeg Police Service say there is more work to be done on preventing dangerous driving in school zones.

The two organizations camped out at three school zones on Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 9 a.m., and recorded over 800 instances of risky behaviour from drivers and pedestrians.

Assessments were done outside Linden Meadows, Ecole Henri-Bergeron and Stevenson-Britannia School.

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The top three infractions:

  • 217 drivers crossing the stop line
  • 185 drivers not stopping at stop signs, and
  • 87 drivers speeding.

“Slowing down to 30 kms an hour not only gives drivers more time to scan the road ahead, but it also allows more time to stop in the event a child does dart out unexpectedly,” said Staff Sgt. Sean Pollock of the WPS Traffic Division.

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Several other driver-related infractions were spotted, including 22 incidents of lane change violations.

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“No matter what time of year, the route to school should always start with safety,” says Liz Kulyk, corporate manager of government and community relations at CAA Manitoba.

“This is our eighth annual back to school safety assessment, but judging from the results here today, the bad habits and mistakes drivers make aren’t improving. We all need to do a better job to ensure our most vulnerable road users are safe.”

This CAA-provided list tabulates all the infractions seen by the organization, volunteers, and WPS during the analysis.

See the full list of safety infractions here:


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