Regina soon could pay for parking by smartphone

The city has installed 55 new digital credit-card capable parking meters along 11th Avenue between Albert St. and Broad St.
Good news for people who don't tend to carry a lot of change soon, you soon could be able to pay for parking with your smartphone. Britton Gray / Global News

Good news for people who don’t tend to carry a lot of change, soon you could be able to pay for parking with your smartphone.

The city is working to develop an app that registers your license plate and other information.

While it wouldn’t register on the meters themselves, parking enforcement would also use the app to see who has paid up for parking.

However, it would be slightly more expensive.

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“The cost per hour for parking hasn’t changed. If people choose to use the app instead of coin there will be a small convenience fee that will be added to the transaction,” said Faisal Kalim Regina Manager of Parking Services.

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That fee is currently estimated around 35 cents.

Cities like Saskatoon and Winnipeg have similar systems in place, and of course, regular meters would work as usual.

City council is looking into this further at their next meeting, and they hope to see the app up and running in early 2019.