Pitt Meadows home to ‘sorriest’ bus stop in North America

This bus stop in Pitt Meadows has been named the "sorriest" in North America.
This bus stop in Pitt Meadows has been named the "sorriest" in North America. Global News

Pitt Meadows has earned the dubious distinction of being home to the “sorriest” bus stop in North America.

The bus stop on Lougheed Highway before the Pitt River Bridge took the annual title awarded by StreetsBlogUSA, handily defeating a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Before the poll, the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Agency told the blog that it planned to fix the Cincinnati stop, setting the stage for a runaway win for Pitt Meadows.

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The reader who nominated the Lougheed Highway stop called it “a disaster waiting to happen.”

“The bus stop pole is located atop a jersey barrier, which serves as a buffer between speeding cars and the edge of the roadway,” the reader said.

“Transit riders are forced to either a) wait on the other side of the jersey barrier, and then climb over it when the bus arrives, or b) wait on the highway side of barrier, directly exposed to traffic. Riders in wheelchairs must wait on the highway side of the barrier.”

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The stop also defeated ones in Beverly Hills, Pittsburgh and San Rafael, Calif.

Some good news may be on the horizon. The Ministry of Transportation says staff are looking at possible options to improve safety at the stop.

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