Pincourt residents raise a stink over wastewater treatment plant

Something smells in Pincourt
WATCH: The smell of sewage is emanating from a municipal building in Pincourt that houses a wastewater facility. As Global's Billy Shields reports, residents feel they can't even go outside because of the stench.

Pincourt resident Jeanne Kunz can’t see the town’s wastewater treatment plant from her home, but she can smell it.

With record-breaking heat recorded in the area, the stench emanating from the site is something she describes as unbearable.

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“The summer’s been horrible because I mean, there’s beautiful weather and everyone gets to enjoy their time. But when this stench starts in the city, it’s impossible to stay outside,” she told Global News.

Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal wrote an email saying that the town has been battling the issue for years, and that recently it has made progress, but that the intense heatwaves diminished some of those efforts.

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“Currently we’re looking to reduce the worst odours coming from the treatment plant, which also affects municipal workers,” he wrote in an email. “Rest assured the town will continue its efforts to find a solution.”