‘English is an official language of Quebec and Canada’ tweets Québec Solidaire

Click to play video: 'Quebec Solidaire tweets ‘English is an official language of Quebec and Canada’'
Quebec Solidaire tweets ‘English is an official language of Quebec and Canada’
WATCH: Quebec Solidaire tweets 'English is an official language of Quebec and Canada' – Aug 23, 2018

It was all smiles at Québec Solidaire’s campaign launch in Villeray when party co-spokesperson Manon Massé off of the party bus.

As she stepped up to the podium, her message was aimed to be a “popular” one, as Québec Solidaire’s slogan states, putting Quebecers first.

Another message — this one on social media — was also making waves, but of a less-popular kind.

“When I was sent my morning articles, one of them included how Québec Solidaire wanted to make sign language one of the official languages of Quebec,” said Jonathan Seifert, an intern with the Quebec Community Groups Network. “I thought that was really interesting.”

Seifert said he then tweeted at Québec Solidaire, asking them if they would make English an official language in Quebec, too.

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Québec Solidaire tweeted back, saying, “English is an official language of Quebec and Canada.”

But it’s not.

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Geoffrey Chambers, QCGN’s president, said he doesn’t understand how the two can be confused.

“English and French are the only official languages in Canada,” Chambers said. “French is the only official language in Quebec.”

WATCH: Quebec election campaign kicks off

Click to play video: 'Quebec election campaign kicks off'
Quebec election campaign kicks off

When Global News gave party co-spokesperson Massé a chance to clarify at the campaign launch, she said this:

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“I mean until we stay in Canada, of course, the English is a second official language,” Massé said. “For us in the Quebec independent, French, it’s the official common language. It’s the official language; it’s already the official language.”

Those looking to protect the interest of English-speaking Quebecers say this situation raises a red flag.

“Well, it seems a bit of a confused position,” said Chambers.

Québec Solidaire did eventually backtrack, tweeting to Jonathan:

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“You seemed to be confused about our reply. Yes, someone can receive services in some institutions in French & English … but we intend to fully maintain French as the only language for the state as stated by Bill 101.”

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