New Brunswick election: Saint Croix

Riding background

The 2013 redistricting saw the riding of Charlotte-Campobello, with the addition of the McAdam area, renamed to Saint-Croix.


Liberal: John B. Ames (incumbent)

Progressive Conservative: Greg Thompson

NDP: Jan Underhill

Green: Donna Linton

People’s Alliance: Joyce Wright



Liberal candidate John Ames flipped what had been a reliable PC seat since 1999.

Ames defeated Tory incumbent Curtis Malloch with 41.7 per cent of the vote, compared to Malloch’s 39.2 per cent.

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The 2010 election saw PC candidate Curtis Malloch retain Charlotte-Campobello for the Tories after Tony Huntjens chose to not re-offer.

Malloch easily won the seat, earning 48.1 per cent of the vote.