Does back to school shopping have to mean big spending?

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Does back to school shopping have to mean big spending?
The back to school shopping season is now underway, and store shelves are busting with all the "must have" items. Many parents say they spend almost as much money now as they do at Christmas. However, there are ways to save money during this expensive season – Aug 17, 2018

For many parents, the back to school season can be an expensive one.

In fact, some say it’s the second most expensive season of the year after Christmas.

Chartered Professional Accountant, Robin Taub, says parents shouldn’t have to spend that much if they’re just buying the essential back to school items.

Taub says they also don’t have to buy everything in that mad dash of the last week of August.

“If there’s certain things that are really marked down, or heavily discounted now, and they’re big ticket items, it’s worth it. But I don’t really think anyone needs to have like a massive inventory of, you know, pencils and paper and things like that. That can always be purchased.”

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Taub says parents should also try to reuse items from last year, such as old backpacks or notebooks.

“Also sometimes when they get into school, the teachers will be more specific about what the needs are for that class or that course, and you don’t want to end up having bough something that’s not going to get used.”

Teachers and school boards are echoing that statement.

Grade 2-3 teacher, Ben Kirkwood, says parents should wait until the first week of school is over.

“Most teachers will send home a letter with what’s needed. So, to wait for that letter, and then only go out and get what you need.”

Some parents may wonder about electronics, as schools begin to teach with more technology based methods.

However, Communications Director at Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board, Galen Eagle, says he doesn’t want parents to stress about buying the latest tablet or laptop for the classroom.

“If technology is required in the classroom, the technology is provided in the classroom. The preparation for back to school really hasn’t changed since I was in Elementary. we’re talking about pencils, paper and erasers.”

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