Legalization of cannabis to bring new challenges: Kingston landlords

Click to play video: 'Pot legalization brings new challenges for landlords' Pot legalization brings new challenges for landlords
A Kingston landlord feels his rights are jeopardized because of Bill C-45 – Jul 31, 2018

As the clock ticks down to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, many Kingston landlords are left confused and are asking for their rights.

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Shawn Leclaire, currently president of the Kingston Rental Property Owners Association, has been a landlord in Kingston for 12 years. His job, he says, and that of every other landlord, is to maintain the comfort of all of their tenants, which he knows will be followed with pushback from some.

In past, Leclaire had issues with the scent of marijuana in the hallways of his building, which caused issues for tenants who did not want to smell or be around the substance.

The smoking of cannabis has caused many Kingston-area landlords to reach out for advice from the Kingston Rental Property Owners Association, and the support to band together as landlords has been overwhelming, said Leclaire.

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Bill-C45, the Cannabis Act, will allow each household the right to grow four cannabis plants. The several landlords interviewed said that the lights used to grow pot will not only increase energy bills, but will also present a fire risk.

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The landlord’s statements caught the attention of pot activist Dianna Donelly, who suggested ways to address their issues — which includes Homestead Realty taking steps to educate residents about best cannabis practices, such as light safety.

“There are a lot of lights out there that we purchase from other countries that possibly aren’t up to our standards, so be careful where you buy them, and educate yourself on these things,” Donnelly said.

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“Maybe Homestead Realty should come out with a group that will educate the people who rent from them on how to do this safely and affordably.”


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