Cameron Green drops out of mayoral race in Peterborough

Municipal election deadline has one candidate for mayor drop out

Restaurateur Cameron Green has dropped out of the mayoral race in Peterborough, making it a two-person race.

The deadline to declare candidacy was 2 p.m. Friday.

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Green dropped out on Friday, citing he cannot commit the time to campaigning and municipal politics in general due to opening a new restaurant in Port Hope. He currently owns Kettle Drums restaurant and McThirsty’s Pub in downtown Peterborough.

“It is with much deliberation that I have officially withdrawn from the City of Peterborough Mayoral race,” he stated in an email.

“I want to thank and apologize to everyone for their support. I am new to politics and it is becoming increasingly clear that I will be unable to fulfill the requirements, the community deserves and expects.”

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“I feel anything can be achieved if you are able to put enough work into it, unfortunately I am spread too thin to do so. I still feel very strongly about the issues that drew me to politics in the first place: affordable housing, addiction support, and mental health support. I will continue to put every effort I can into trying to improve those areas with the hopes of improving the community, and the lives of everyone involved with the incredible City of Peterborough.”

Green’s departure leaves the mayor race between Mayor Daryl Bennett and challenger Ward 3 Coun. Diane Therrien.

The last time the city had a two-person race was in 2010, when Bennett defeated then-mayor Paul Ayotte.

Other candidates for city council (unofficially) (i- incumbent)

Ward 1 – Otonabee:  Brock Grills, Bob Hall, Lesley Parnell (i), Ryan Waudby, Kim Zippel and Jason Wallwork

Ward 2 – Monaghan: Henry Clarke (i), Charmaine Magumbe, David McGowan, Don Vassiliadis (i) and Jeff Westlake

Ward 3 – Town: Kemi Akapo, Jane Davidson, Jenny Lanciault, Dean Pappas (i) and Jim Russell

Ward 4 – Ashburnham: Gary Baldwin (i), Ian Russell Peddle, Paul Rellinger, Keith Riel (i) and Sheila Wood

Ward 5 – Northcrest: Andrew Beamer (i), Dave Haacke (i), Zach Hatton and Stephen Wright

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Dan McWilliams (Otonabee) is the only councillor not seeking re-election.

The City Clerk certifies candidate nomination papers by 4 p.m. on Monday.

More to come.