Anthony Bourdain’s last interview: Late chef lambastes the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein

Anthony Bourdain speaks during the SXSW Interactive Festival at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, U.S., on Sunday, March 13, 2016. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

NOTE: This article contains language that some readers may find offensive. Please read at your own discretion.

Celebrity TV chef and host Anthony Bourdain passed away just over a month ago, and what’s thought to be his final interview was published this weekend on newly launched website Popula.

The in-depth chat, conducted in February, is candid; Bourdain rips into former president Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton, and imagines the hypothetical death of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein, among several other topics.

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Bourdain’s disgust with Weinstein is especially pronounced, considering his girlfriend Asia Argento is one of the women who publicly accused the producer of sexual assault, and is one of the faces of the #MeToo movement.

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“My theory of how he goes is… he’s brushing his teeth in a bathroom, he’s naked in his famous bathrobe, which is flapping open, he’s holding his cellphone in one hand because you never know who on the Weinstein board has betrayed him recently, and he’s brushing his teeth…” said Bourdain.

“He suddenly gets a massive f**king stroke — he stumbles backwards into the bathtub, where he finds himself um, with his robe open, feet sticking out of the tub, and in his last moments of consciousness as he scrolls through his contacts list trying to figure out who he can call, who will actually answer the phone. And he dies that way, knowing that no one will help him and that he is not looking his finest at time of death.”

From there, Bourdain moved on to Clinton, who was famously embroiled in his own sex scandal and accused of being unfaithful to his wife, Hillary, on multiple occasions.

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“[Bill Clinton is] a piece of s**t. Entitled, rape-y, grope-y, grabby, disgusting,” he said. “And the way that he — and she [Hillary] — destroyed these women and the way that everyone went along, and, and are blind to this! Screamingly apparent hypocrisy and venality.”
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“How you can on the one hand howl at the moon about all these other predators and not at least look back…” he continued. “…OK, let’s say it was all consensual: powerful men, starstruck women, OK fine, let’s accept it at its most charitable interpretation. Fine. He is a very charming man, I met him, he’s f**king magnetic, as is she. When you’re in the room, you think ‘Wow, she’s really warm and nice and funny.’ But the way they efficiently dismantled, destroyed, and shamelessly discredited these women for speaking their truth is unforgivable.”

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Bourdain also had words for the current president, Donald Trump, though his point of view was slightly different than the mainstream: he said that he believed Trump supporters weren’t duped at all, but instead knew what (and who) they were electing into the White House.

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“How could it be worse?” he said defeatedly about the Trump presidency. “This is exactly what Trump voters thought. And I talked to them! I said, ‘You know this guy doesn’t care about you, right? He’s taking a big steaming dump on a golden toilet right now. He’s a New Yorker, he’s never changed a tire in his life and you voted for him.'”

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“They’re not foolish, they don’t believe that,” he continued. “They recognize an anarchist. They recognize somebody who is likely to pull down the whole rotten temple that they despise so deeply that they will repeatedly shoot themselves in both feet for the pleasure. Of seeing all of these craven scum-sucking pig-dogs who betrayed them year after year and let them down and mocked them.”

But not everything was doom and gloom in Bourdain’s last interview; the chef also recounted the joys of friendship and parenting.

Bourdain, 61, was cremated in France and his belongings were sent to his younger brother, Christopher. Bourdain’s mother, Gladys, said there will be no public funeral service. Instead, a small private service will be held with close friends and family.

“He would want as little fuss as possible,” she said.

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You can read the full interview over at Popula.

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