London city hall set to crackdown on street preachers

Business man with megaphone
The street preachers often target women for going to work, using makeup and wearing pants. File/Global News

London city hall has moved quickly to respond to dozens of complaints about downtown street preachers who harass women because they’re going to work, pregnant or wearing makeup.

A little over a month after the issue was first raised at city hall, the city’s community and protective services committee voted unanimously to endorse staff revisions to London’s sound and nuisance bylaws.

Those changes include requiring a permit for amplified live speech and allowing the manager of bylaw enforcement to deny a permit if it isn’t going to be used for a community event or for work on a construction work site.

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The revision would also prohibit the unnecessary interference with use and enjoyment of a public space.

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Anyone found breaking the nuisance bylaw in that way could be faced with a minimum fine of $500.

The changes must still be approved by full council.