Launching a new boat sharing program in the Okanagan

New Boat Sharing Program Launched in Kelowna

Okanagan Lake is a 135km long blue sapphire jewel set amidst the mountains. ‘It’s a boater’s paradise” the Mission Group’s CEO John Friesen said.

But not every one can afford a ticket to paradise.

Luckily for those who can’t fork out a fortune to buy their own boat, the Misson Group’s Aqua Marine Valet has launched an alternative.

“Aqua Boat Club invites our members to go boating by removing all of the barriers of boating,” Friesen said.

Namely the high cost of purchasing a boat and the rest of the hidden costs that are associated with owning and maintaining a boat.

Boat sharing is a novel nautical concept that’s become the lastest part of the shared economy, like ride sharing with UBER, car sharing with MODO or even bike sharing with DROP BIKE.

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Just like other peer-to-peer sharing programs, members of the Aqua Boat Club can reserve their boats on-line with a smart phone app called the boat cloud.

Currently the Aqua armada consists of three pleasure craft and includes something for everyone.

“We have the 2100 Regal Surf which is basically a hybrid for family fun, this boat is the XT 200 the Mastercraft premier boat for surfing and wakeboarding; we also have the Cobalt which is a 24 S it’s a cruiser and just great for the family,” Aqua Marine Valet’s Tom Macauley said.

Memberships to the Aqua Boat Club cost $6000 for weekday access and $12,000 for weekend access, but the great thing is you can split your membership with other families.

That’s right you can boat share and share your boat share, making it even more affordable.









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