Bill Kelly: Ontario turns the page — what’s next?

Doug Ford to be sworn in as Ontario’s 26th Premier
For the first time in 15 years, Ontario will be under Conservative rule. PC Party leader Doug Ford and his cabinet will be sworn in by the Lieutenant Governor on Friday morning. Shallima Maharaj reports.

Friday is the day that Doug Ford gets the keys to the corner office at Queen’s Park and becomes premier of Ontario.

This year’s election was labelled as a “change” election, and beginning Friday, we’ll find out just what kind of change Ontario is headed for.

Doug Ford’s campaign was long on slogans and short on details, but as Ford is about to find out, campaigning is easy, governing is harder.

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Like every other elected government, Ford’s PCs will have to detail what promises they can actually deliver on, and how much it’s going to cost taxpayers.

On top of that, there are some legitimate concerns about Ford himself.

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In their haste to dump the unpopular Wynne government, Ontario voters elected a premier whose only political experience was one, less than impressive, term as a Toronto city councilor.

Doug Ford says his first act as Premier will be to scrap the carbon tax
Doug Ford says his first act as Premier will be to scrap the carbon tax

WATCH: Doug Ford says his first act as premier will be to scrap the carbon tax

The “to do” list for the new premier is massive and overwhelming; the hydro mess, our troubled health care system and an Ontario economy that could be victimized in the trade and tariff war with the United States are just a few of the files that need immediate attention.

We all want Ontario to not just survive these challenges, but to thrive, and I’m sure that the incoming premier shares those goals.

But history has taught us to be wary; how Ford plans to achieve those goals and how much it’s going to cost Ontario taxpayers  are questions that demand answers as Ontario enters a new political era.

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Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.