Workers making progress on controversial Winnipeg Diversity Gardens

WATCH: Construction and fundraising continue as the controversial attraction at Assiniboine Park takes shape. Global's Timm Bruch explains.

Construction is on time and the public should be able to head into Winnipeg’s new Diversity Gardens in late 2020.

A sneak peek of the project site in the southeast corner of Assiniboine Park was given to media Friday.

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While workers have been there for a year, it was the first up-close look at above-ground progress. Most of the foundation work is done, and the frame of the massive main structure is currently under construction. The roof will go up on the building in 2019.

Project Director Gerald Dieleman led the guided tour on Friday, showing off the four main sites of the area.

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The Diversity Gardens will be built around ‘The Leaf’, a main structure that will house two biomes, a butterfly garden and a restaurant.

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The building will have an admission cost, but the exact price is still to be determined.

Surrounding The Leaf will be three other areas that, according to Dieleman, aim to “celebrate the relationship between the environment and people.” The Indigenous Peoples’ Garden, The Grove and The Cultural Mosaic Gardens will be free of charge.

The entire project will take up 35 acres.

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The gardens come with a hefty price tag: $75 million.

It’s a cost that has sparked debate after the park’s conservatory was closed in April to make room for the “new and improved” space.

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Goodbye to Conservatory, Hello to Diversity Gardens: Changes at Assiniboine Park
Goodbye to Conservatory, Hello to Diversity Gardens: Changes at Assiniboine Park

Of the $75 million, Ottawa is pitching in $35 million, the province $15 million and the City of Winnipeg $10 million.

The rest of the budget will be privately donated through multiple fundraisers put on by the park.

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