Montreal isn’t properly following Quebec’s flag protocol: complainants

A woman holds a Quebec flag. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

There’s a flap in Montreal over the Quebec flag.

Two Montrealers are accusing the city of violating rules set out in provincial legislation that state the Fleur-de-lis should have “precedence over any other flag or emblem” and be displayed in certain designated places.

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A lawyer for the two men says legal action could ensue if Montreal fails to act.

Hugo Vaillancourt says one infraction his clients have noted is the absence of the Quebec flag from Montreal’s council chamber.

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He says the Fleur-de-lis was missing from several recent events involving dignitaries and that his clients’ interpretation of the law is that it should be at the centre of the three flags that fly in front of city hall.

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As of Thursday, the Canadian flag was in the middle.

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The provincial Justice Department confirms it sent a letter to Montreal’s director general last January outlining the fact rules weren’t being followed.

A city spokesman says it has taken note of the government’s letter and is looking into the city’s flag policy.

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