Ontario election results 2018: Poll-by-poll riding vote map

Voters in Ontario went to the polls June 7 and elected a Doug Ford-led PC majority government. Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats will form the official opposition, while Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals lost official party status.

Across 124 ridings, the PCs won 76 seats, the NDP won 40 seats and the Liberals won seven seats. The Green Party also won their first seat with leader Mike Schreiner winning his riding of Guelph. After a technical delay, the riding of Kiiwetinoong was the last riding to post poll results. They announced Sol Mamakwa of the NDP won the riding at around 1:30 a.m.

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Find out who won in your riding using our interactive results above and watch a recap of our election coverage below.

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