Conservation officers tranquilize bear in Transcona

Click to play video: 'Conservation officers tranquilize bear in Transcona' Conservation officers tranquilize bear in Transcona
WATCH: There was a lot of excitement in the area of Kildare Avenue Tuesday morning as a bear was safely rounded up by police and conservation officers. Global's Timm Bruch reports – Jun 5, 2018

Winnipeg police and provincial conservation officers were kept busy Tuesday morning after a bear was spotted roaming around Transcona.

Officers were called around 6 a.m. after the bear was seen on Kildare Avenue West.

It made for an unusual start to the day for Lindy Bichlbauer.

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“My mother came downstairs and said there was a bear in the yard,” Bichlbauer said, “[so] I went and looked out the window. He was sitting in a position where you could actually see him and then he moved behind the foliage.
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“I texted people and said ‘there’s a bear in my backyard’ and they kept saying ‘LOL. Sure there is!'”

The bear eventually made its way up a tree and stayed there for close to two hours before conservation officers were able to tranquilize the lost animal with a jab pole. The pole had a syringe connected to it, which put the bear to sleep.

The young bear had made its way up into a tree. It fell to the ground after being tranquilized. Sheryl Miskimmin
The bear fell from the tree after being tranquilized. It was then loaded into a container trap. Kevin Hirschfield / Global News
The sleeping bear was transferred to a container trap to be released elsewhere. Sheryl Miskimmin
Police and conservation officers transfer the tranquilized animal to a bear trap for transport. Sheryl Miskimmin
Conservation officers loaded the bear into a container trap to relocated it. Kevin Hirschfield / Global News
The bear was placed into a container trap to recover and be transported to a suitable location to be released. Kevin Hirschfield / Global News

But it wasn’t done creating almost-unbelievable memories, even after the bear was loaded in a shipping cage.

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“We went and petted him,” Bichlbauer said. “We petted the bear. He was a cutie.”

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Conservation officers said the bear was a two-year-old male and weighed roughly 125 pounds. It will eventually be released back into the wild.

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