Court hears terrifying details of 2015 knifepoint sex assault in East Vancouver

Shocking behavior in court today during the sentencing hearing of a man who pleaded guilty to a violent sexual assault in Vancouver. Rumina Daya has the story.

WARNING: Disturbing details. Reader discretion is advised.

Caleb Heaton glared at the judge at the hearing where he was declared a dangerous offender on Monday.

The declaration came three years after a terrifying sexual assault that happened in East Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood in March 2015.

The dangerous offender designation means he’s likely to spend the rest of his life in prison.

WATCH: Strathcona sex assault suspect in court

Strathcona sex assault suspect in court
Strathcona sex assault suspect in court

In a hearing that took place in the highest-security courtroom, Heaton was placed in a body belt restraint and put his feet up on the railing of the prisoner’s box as the court heard the disturbing details of a sexual assault that sent a woman to hospital.

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Heaton was randomly knocking on doors in the Strathcona neighbourhood before he found the victim’s door unlocked.

He smashed the woman over the head with a rock, bound her hands with skipping rope and stuffed a jersey in her mouth.

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Heaton tossed the woman down the stairs and raped her repeatedly.

He then pulled her by the hair into the kitchen and raped her again. Part of the woman’s finger was bitten off.

A witness on the street heard the woman’s screams, came into the unit, punched Heaton and tackled him outside.

Caleb Heaton has a lengthy criminal record which includes assault.
Caleb Heaton has a lengthy criminal record which includes assault. Imgur/Reddit/shame_hawks

In court, Heaton lunged at a sheriff during the break and threatened the judge.

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“F*** off,” he said.

“You’re lucky I’m not bisexual or I’d rape you too, you idiot.”

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Heaton pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated sexual assault, unlawful confinement and breaking and entering in June 2015.

He initially faced seven charges, but others were stayed.

Heaton was also sentenced to four months concurrent for one count of escaping custody that stemmed from May 15, 2015.

He also has a lengthy criminal record in Ontario, which includes assault.

In declaring him a dangerous offender, the judge said that, based on evidence, he was a high risk to reoffend violently and sexually.

The court also imposed an indeterminate sentence on him, said the BC Prosecution Service.

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