Samantha Bee reveals what Canadians think of America

WATCH: On Thursday night’s episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Samantha Bee revealed what her Canadian family really thinks of the United States.

On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Samantha Bee revealed what her Canadian family really thinks of the United States.

“What part of Canada are you from?” host Kimmel asked Bee.

“I’m from Toronto,” Bee said to a cheering crowd.

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“Deceased Rob Ford’s brother, Doug Ford, is running for premier of Ontario which is like governor I was told,” Kimmel said.

“The Ford family … it’s a dynasty. That’s a Canadian dynasty. So if you ever had any thought that Canada was a peaceful place … we have our share of characters as well,” Bee told Kimmel.

Kimmel asked Bee if she feels like Canadians pay more attention to what’s going on in their government than Americans do.

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“Well I think Canadians pay a little bit of attention to their government but they’re very much paying attention to our government here [United States] right now,” Bee revealed.

She continued: “My family is very concerned for my life.”

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“They think it’s such a dangerous and decrepit place now,” Bee told Kimmel. “My dad bought me a Kevlar vest.”

Kimmel asked her if her dad also bought a Kevlar vest for her husband, Daily Show alum Jason Jones.

“No, just me,” Bee said. “There’s a limit to my father’s affection.”

Watch Bee on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the video above.

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