Box store meat heist leads to police chase

The investigation began on Jan. 3, when police say they saw a stolen vehicle leaving the parking lot of an unidentified north-end hotel. CKWS

Police say a Lyndhurst, Ont. woman was arrested after she tried to steal meat from the Costco on Centennial Drive.

On Tuesday at 7:45 p.m., police say the woman, 49, attempted to shoplift an unknown type and quantity of meat from Costco.

Police say the accused fled in a vehicle. Shortly after, an officer saw her driving eastbound on Princess Street.

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When a chase ensued, the accused then allegedly tried to evade police by speeding, making erratic turns and blowing stop signs.

The officer caught up to the woman as she turned back onto Princess Street, pulled into a lot and exited the vehicle.

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The accused was charged with theft, and dangerous driving.

On top of her charges, her car was seized by police for having a bald “donut” spare tire on the passenger side.

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