UPDATE: More evacuation orders downgraded in Boundary

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Evacuation orders have been rescinded and downgraded to evacuation alerts for about 1000 properties or about 2000 people in the Boundary.

This leaves 556 addresses on evacuation order and just over 900 people still waiting to return home.

In Grand Forks proper, about 377 properties were removed from evacuation zones and 754 people were free to go home.

This included the neighbourhoods of South Ruckle, north of Central Avenue including Riverside Drive north as well as Granby and Highway 3 east.

In rural Grand Forks, orders were removed from about 102 properties in the North Fork Granby area meaning over 200 people can return home.

Meanwhile, a rapid damage assessment in Grand Forks, Electoral Area D/Rural Grand Forks, Midway and Electoral Area E/West Boundary is underway.

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Most residents returning home will see colour-coded placards attached to their front doors.
A green placard means the structure is safe to occupy
A yellow placard means restrictions are in place and the structure must undergo inspection from a certified tradesperson qualified to remove the restriction.
A red placard means the structure is unsafe to occupy and requires local government approval to remove the unsafe designation.

Homes that lost access due to flooding and were placed on evacuation order do not require rapid damage assessments and owners will not see assessment placards on their doors.