New way of testing pot potency developed in the Okanagan

Legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Canada
New test method for cannabis quality developed at UBC-Okanagan. Ron Ward/Canadian Press

Researchers at UBC-0kanagan say they’ve developed a way to test the potency and quality of cannabis in record fast time.

The new method of measuring primary bioactive molecules in marijuana will provide more quick and accurate information for producers, consumers and regulators according to a media release.

“Traditional tests can take upwards of 20 minutes to perform, where we can do it in under seven,” says PhD chemistry student Matthew Noestheden. “It will save a great deal of time and money for producers with enormous greenhouses full of thousands of samples requiring testing.”

Noestheden says his testing method is designed to be used in labs around the world.

“It’s an elegant solution because any cannabis testing lab with the appropriate instrumentation should be able to adopt the new method with minimal additional investment, making the whole process cheaper and faster.”

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