Step aside ‘Laurel/Yanny’ — ‘Brainstorm or Green Needle’ is the internet’s latest aural mystery

Viral video claims you can predict what it says, brain storm or green needle
WATCH ABOVE: On the heels of the viral Yanny/Laurel debate, another video claims the viewer can predict what it's going to play.

The great “Laurel or Yanny” debate may have been responsible for provoking online arguments and souring friendships, but a new viral audio recording threatens to dethrone it as this week’s most mind-boggling viral mystery.

The voice recording, which appears to be from a toy and was shared on Reddit on Wednesday night, appears to say either “brainstorm” or “green needle” — depending on which one you think about.

A popular explanation on the Reddit thread had to do with “priming,” a psychological concept that holds that people perceive certain things depending on what they “prime” their minds with.

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Others eschewed explanations of any kind, and simply worried out loud that this latest aural mystery was messing with their brains.

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“Okay, brains don’t make sense. That’s what they’re for; making sense, and they can’t even do that. Nothing makes sense anymore,” wrote one user.

“Can someone f*****g explain this to me before I have a breakdown,” said another.