Puppet show for elementary students highlights important lesson for Greater Montreal Day

WATCH: Grade one students were treated to a special puppet show in St-Leonard. As Global's Phil Carpenter reports, Galileo Adult Centre students wanted to help the kids learn an important lesson.

Grade one students at Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School in Saint-Léonard had a visit from some special guests Monday morning

Special needs students from the Galileo Adult Centre visited the grade one class with puppets, because they wanted to help the kids learn an important lesson.

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“They learned about kindness, they learned about not to be bullying not to hurt people,” Ruby Ipekian, a student at the Galileo Adult Centre, told Global News.

They have heard the message before, but using puppets to reinforce that message engages the students — and helps with learning.

“The more you engage students, the more they retain it and I hope this will stay with them for life,” said Ida Pisano, principal of the elementary school.

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It was also a chance for the Galileo students to give back to their community.

Principal Martina Sciavone explains that “the community always gives back to us with our special needs students and helping us with our program.”

Puppetry is one way the students with special needs are taught about how to express themselves. It builds confidence too because sometimes they are too shy to speak their minds, especially in unfamiliar situations.

“Having a puppet, it’s easier for them to express how they’re feeling than actually speaking to a camera or speaking face to face,” said Sciavone.

Knowing that they got their message across helps — even if they used fantasy.

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