London senior appeals to province in fight to save heritage home

Nan Finlayson, 75, has been fighting to keep her heritage home at 100 Stanley St. since January 2017.
Nan Finlayson, 75, has been fighting to keep her heritage home at 100 Stanley St. since January 2017. Liny Lamberink/980 CFPL

Nan Finlayson has been fighting to save her home at 100 Stanley St. since January 2017.

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The 75-year-old told 980 CFPL on Friday that she will be filing a request with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change that her home not be demolished or moved as part of the city’s plans to widen Wharncliffe Road.

Finlayson’s home is standing in the way of the city’s $39-million project to widen Wharncliffe Road and replace a bridge at Wharncliffe Road and Horton Street.

“I’m hoping from the environmental point of view, from the heritage/cultural point of view, from a health point of view, from just future generations’ point of view that there will be some changes made,” she said on the Friday edition of The Craig Needles Show.

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“As I say, it’s a much bigger picture.”

Finalyson added that she’s not the only one concerned and that she’s received wide-ranging support.

“I know the Mac outpost people down Wharncliffe have filed a request as well with the ministry. I’m hoping in combination with other people that we will get some changes made.”

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In January 2017, the city’s heritage committee gave its support to Finlayson in a non-binding recommendation against demolition while city staff have said demolition is the best option.

Finlayson had also made appeals to city hall and launched a petition on that has received over 6,100 signatures as of Friday afternoon.

“It’s very difficult because I feel like I’m isolated and doing this all on my own, but I see all the support in the community and people from far away have written to me. That’s, I think, partly why I keep going.”

The city has offered Finlayson a buyout or to cover the $500,000 bill to move her home across the street but she has vowed to continue the fight.