Nova Scotians smoke the most weed per capita in Canada: StatsCan

A marijuana joint is shared at Cannabis Culture in Montreal, Friday, December 16, 2016.
A marijuana joint is shared at Cannabis Culture in Montreal, Friday, December 16, 2016. Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

Nova Scotians like their cannabis more than any other region in the country, according to data from Statistics Canada released Monday.

Provinces and territories across the country consumed vastly different amounts of cannabis said the federal agency, indicating that its data points to 4.9 million Canadians purchasing the drug for medicinal and non-medicinal use.

The data is set to be the last full year of data on cannabis consumption ahead of legalization, which expected later this year.

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Nova Scotia had the highest per capita usage of any province or territory in the country with StatsCan finding that people in the province consumed 27.1 grams of cannabis per person per year.

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Alberta and British Columbia were close behind, with those provinces’ citizens consuming 24.6 grams and 24.1 grams respectively.

All three of the provinces were above the Canadian average, which StatsCan pegged at 21.1 grams per person.

However, the data does come with a caveat. Statistics Canada says its data is drawn from a number of assumptions — mostly because of the drugs illicit nature.

The StatsCan figures are based on several surveys, which lack certain details and are infrequently collected.

“Statistics Canada has had to make assumptions about the frequency with which Canadians consume cannabis; the volume consumed per day; and the price paid to purchase cannabis. For example, Statistics Canada assumes that when someone reports consuming cannabis at least once a week, they actually consume cannabis 208 times per year, although this could range from 52 to 365 times,” Statistics Canada said.

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The majority of the remaining provinces are tightly clustered together, with people consuming between 18.3 grams and 21 grams in the remaining Maritime provinces, as well as in Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario.

Saskatchewan and the three territories brought up the rear consuming between 13.6 grams and 17.7 grams.

StatsCanada estimates that Canadians spent roughly $5.6 billion on cannabis in 2017 and says that its information on cannabis use and cannabis consumption will improve post-legalization.

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