Russell Peters on his new kid-filled gig on ‘A Little Help with Carol Burnett’

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Russell Peters interview: ‘A Little Help with Carol Burnett’
Canadian comedian Russell Peters spoke with Global News about the new Netflix show, “A Little Help with Carol Burnett.” The show centers around kids giving advice to A-list celebrities on friendship, communication and family – Apr 30, 2018

Russell Peters’ latest gig includes wrangling a bunch of kids on A Little Help with Carol Burnett.

The Canadian comedian co-stars in Netflix’s newest unscripted comedy series, hosted by legendary actress and comedian Carol Burnett.

“I think [her] name alone should pull you into anything,” he tells Global News. “It was a great opportunity to be in front of people who I would never normally been in front of.”

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The comedy features a panel of children between the ages of four and eight, with a rotation of eight to 10 kids in total. The kids answer some of the “toughest” questions by adults, and for the most part, the answers are pretty hilarious.

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“It’s very sound sometimes… they narrowed it down to its most innocent fragment and you’re like, ‘it almost seems to simple to be real,'” he continues.

Some celebrity guests for the series include Julie Bowen, Taraji P. Henson, and DJ Khaled.

Peters, who is also a father, said that during the audition, he was put in a room with a couple of kids.

“I am really good with kids,” he said. “They didn’t tell me they were filming. I was sitting and talking with the kids waiting for somebody to come to the room, [but] that was the audition.”

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And with so much already under his belt, including another comedy tour heading to Europe, Peters is also aware how much comedy has changed since he started 30 years ago.

“There’s a lot of stars of comedy now, where before it was a bunch of comics in comedy, now you got a bunch of comedy stars and people know a lot of comic’s names and it’s kind of a cool time,” Peters said.

And with so many more conversations around diversity in the industry, he recognizes talking about race makes some people feel uncomfortable.

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“I can’t change how I am because people have a sudden interest in becoming offended over everything. People focus and fixate on words, where they need to focus on intent because the words aren’t the bad things in the world, the intention is the bad thing. At the same time people will take your intention and try to work it into their little weird world.”

His new tour, which he plans on ending in Canada, is more mature, he adds, and not his usual type of stand-up.

“I started 30 years ago and it was never about anything else but making people laugh and that’s all it’s ever been and all it’s ever going to be.”

A Little Help with Carol Burnett streams on Netlix on May 4.

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