Five-year-old Calgary girl handed ‘good ticket’ by police

Click to play video: 'Five-year-old Calgary girl handed ‘good ticket’ by police' Five-year-old Calgary girl handed ‘good ticket’ by police
WATCH: Five-year-old Olivia wasn’t expecting to be pulled over by the police for riding her bicycle, but it turns out it was for a reward not a punishment. Lauren Pullen explains – Apr 26, 2018

On her first time riding her bike without training wheels, five-year-old Olivia Thiessen received something she never expected.

Police saw the young girl riding in her Calgary neighbourhood and pulled her over to give her a ticket.

It wasn’t for doing anything wrong — it was for doing something right. Olivia was wearing her helmet and having fun outside, getting exercise.

It’s a Calgary Police Service (CPS) initiative called positive ticketing.

When police see kids doing something worth rewarding, they stop and issue them a ticket which comes with a coupon for two free admissions to any Calgary recreation centre.

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Olivia’s mom, Angie, posted a picture of the ticket on Twitter and it went viral.

“It’s been kind of crazy,” Thiessen said.

“I don’t tweet very often, but I liked what the police had done, so I tweeted out and I tagged them in it and I think I’ve had something like 1,300 likes.”

Olivia plans to use her ‘ticket’ to go swimming with her brother.

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